Tv2 dating program

Originally screened during a time period where each region screened a regional news show during the network news, later moved to before the network news.

Regional news show screened exclusively in the upper North Island broadcast from TVNZ studios in Auckland.

Rural New Zealand show where South Island farmers compete against North Island farmers to round up sheep with their dog only using a dog whistle. Reality show where two couples compete to build the house of their dreams with the winner taking away the house and the second place team given the option to buy the house.

RTV Dordrecht works together with the Internetsite Idordt. More than 100 volunteers are every day waiting for you to show you the local sound and hearing.Originally hosted in the 1990s by Phillip Leishman and with Lana Coc-kroft as the token blonde who turned around the letters.This show returned to New Zealand television in 2008 now hosted by Jason Gunn and Sonia Gray. Every day BVN selects programs from the Dutch Public Broadcasting and the Dutch-speaking VRT.Mostly news and current affairs, news, sports, entertainment and English drama.

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