Updating contact information letter

Payee Accounts that have an active requests pending will be flagged with a red icon containing an exclamation point.When there is an active request pending you may continue to make additional requests for accounts that are not flagged.Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?Help Ennis keep our records up to date and provide you with timely information on our products, programs and important announcements.

I'm thinking when you ask for information, you are actually seeking the updated things.Alterations such as erasures, correction fluid, and strike-outs are unacceptable and will invalidate the form.If you are a new recipient, you will need to obtain access to the Payment Management system prior to providing your banking information (see Access - New User Request).Account Numbers that have associated subaccount(s) are denoted with a plus sign ( ).Click on the plus sign to view the associated subaccount(s).

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