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In this case, there aren’t as many homes for buyers to choose from, so sellers can often get above asking price as a result of bidding wars.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, understanding what the market is doing will help you determine how much you need to upgrade your home.

You can tell the difference by looking at trends on Zillow, talking to a real estate agent or checking out nearby neighborhoods.

If a lot of nice for-sale homes in your area haven’t sold, it’s likely a buyers market.

This means that shoppers have many homes to choose from, so the ones with the nicest updates, lowest prices and better neighborhoods will go first, leaving a lot of homes sitting idle on the market.

If homes are selling right and left, then it’s a sellers market.

If you have additional funds, consider replacing flooring or upgrading small things like lighting, fixtures and doorknobs.

Use your budget wisely, and consider going the DIY route — some projects can recoup a large part of your investment!

If you do your market research and follow the trends, you’ll end up with a beautifully renovated home that will appeal to a large range of buyers.But if you make those improvements too long before you sell, you risk them looking run-down and outdated by the time you want to market your home. If you're agonizing over such questions, we can end your misery now—in a good way! This is truly one of the few housing projects that gets better with age, since shrubs and trees only improve as they mature.Here’s how far in advance of listing your home you should do certain home improvements, so they'll still look fresh enough to fetch top dollar. And, bonus: It's likely that it will never look dated, says Lisa Shiroff of Leafy Green Landscaping in Buena, NJ.Emulate the finishes those homes have while remaining within your budget. Many homeowners look for updated kitchens, master bedrooms and bathrooms.These three spaces alone can sell your home, so consider investing extra money in these areas.

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However, she cautions, think twice about unique or difficult-to-maintain items if you are concerned with resale value—we’re talking elements like a meditation nook, bocce ball court, or koi pond.

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