Updating multiple select with ajax

By using j Query functionality when we have checked checkboxes then that selected row of plain text data must be converted into editable HTML input fields with filled value.So when we have select multiple checkboxes then all selected row of data will be converted into editable input field.div label.typo__label(for="ajax") Async multiselect multiselect( v-model="selected Countries", id="ajax", label="name", track-by="code", placeholder="Type to search", open-direction="bottom", :options="countries", :multiple="true", :searchable="true", :loading="is Loading", :internal-search="false", :clear-on-select="false", :close-on-select="false", :options-limit="300", :limit="3", :limit-text="limit Text", :max-height="600", :show-no-results="false", :hide-selected="true", @search-change="async Find" ) template(slot="tag", slot-scope="") span.custom__tag span span.custom__remove(@click="remove(option)") ❌ template(slot="clear", slot-scope="props") div.multiselect__clear( v-if="selected Countries.length", @mousedown.prevent.stop="clear All(props.search)" ) span(slot="no Result"). In this example, the div label.typo__label Tagging multiselect( v-model="value", tag-placeholder="Add this as new tag", placeholder="Search or add a tag", label="name", track-by="code", :options="options", :multiple="true", :taggable="true", @tag="add Tag" ) pre.language-json code.div label.typo__label Custom option template multiselect( v-model="value", placeholder="Fav No Man’s Sky path", label="title", track-by="title", :options="options", :option-height="104", :custom-label="custom Label", :show-labels="false" ) template(slot="single Label", slot-scope="props") img.option__image(:src="props.option.img", alt="No Man’s Sky") span.option__desc span.option__title template(slot="option", slot-scope="props") img.option__image(:src="props.option.img", alt="No Man’s Sky") .option__desc span.option__title span.option__small pre.language-json code.So, here we have use Ajax for update or edit of Multiple Mysql data by using checkbox selection with PHP.

Here we have use Ajax which latest style of sending and receiving data from client computer to server without refresh of web page and it has increase the performance of our web application and increase the output of our website.

div label.typo__label Simple select / dropdown multiselect( v-model="value", :options="options", :multiple="true", :close-on-select="false", :clear-on-select="false", :preserve-search="true", placeholder="Pick some" label="name", track-by="name", :preselect-first="true" ) template( slot="selection" slot-scope="" ) span.multiselect__single(v-if="values.length && ! The event handler should add the received tag to both the options list and the value.

is Open") | options selected pre.language-json code. Remember that when working with objects as options, you have to transform the received tag string to an object that matches the objects structure of the options list.

After displaying of all data on web page, we want to make one method for how to convert this table plain text data into editable input fields.

For process this task, here we have also use j Query.

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