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Updates are made available seperately for devices purchased through a telecommunication partner like Telstra, Optus or Vodafone.

There are two different ways to update the Software of your Mobile device, either Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA), or through a program on a computer - with Kies (for phones like the Note2 or Galaxy S4 and older) or Samsung Smart Switch (for all devices newer than the Note 3 or Galaxy S5).

Operating system updates are device dependant, so not every Samsung phone will run the latest Android version.

"We specifically state this on our download pages," the spokesperson says, and included a screenshot that urges caution and advises people should only use Updato if they know what they are doing as well as pointing to Samsung Kies and including a disclaimer that the company is not responsible for any damage caused by the information or files on the Updato site.Finally, I asked Updato why the Updates for Samsung app was not using the official subscription payment methodology through Google Play itself but instead redirecting to another payment site?Here's what the spokesperson told me: More than 10 million users of Samsung smartphones have done the right thing in looking to manage firmware updates that improve and secure the running of their devices.Kuprins also noted that free downloads almost always failed to complete, "motivating the user to pay for fast downloads through paid premium packages." What happens now?The researcher concerned has contacted Google to report the application and request it be removed from the Google Play store.

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