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A full store remodel can breathe new life and energy into your store and of course increase sales.If you’re considering a full or partial remodel instead of just quick fixes then checkout our site Customer Projects for inspiring retail display ideas.

Technology can facilitate the connection between the product and the consumer and I don’t mean to minimize that, a retailer’s mission fails if that connection isn’t made,” explained Kestenbaum.

That’s where most forward-thinking companies’ minds are at as we kick off 2018.

Where can we go from here and how do we make this year better than the last?

Your fixtures should be flexible to allow for this.

If not checkout the fixtures at our fixtures are designed to be easily reconfigured.

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In his piece, he sets the stage by making the extremely important point that technology is not the center of the shopping experience, but the catalyst for a more enjoyable one for today’s shopper.

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