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Please pay attention that usually when registering resources on Tosca Widgets (both tw1 and tw2) it won’t be necessary to call neither Some projects may still want to rely on Tosca Widgets1 due to legacy code or due to external packages which are not available on Tosca Widgets2.

If you want to switch back your entire project to Tosca Widgets1, just remove the: all rely on Tosca Widgets2 if it is available inside your virtualenv so remember to have Tosca Widgets2 enabled inside your project or remove it from your virtual environment if you want to use those modules.

The Java Script can now be moved to a separate file, or converted to a code library allowing for it to be reused with other forms. As we've see in other articles the valid/invalid state of a form element can be used to provide visual feedback to the user - displaying a green thumbs up or checkmark for example when the input requirements have been satisfied, or displaying a red outline or warning symbol when they have not.

This is also possible with text will now toggle the checkbox state, and the text will change from red to green.

When the checkbox is not checked and the Submit button is clicked an alert is displayed similar to the examples above, but using our text instead of the default.

When the checkbox is valid (checked) the message is set to blank which tells the browser that it's ok for the form to be submitted.

If you're using Safari or another unsupporting browsers all the examples will just display the Java Script alert box.

As you would hope it is possible to customise the messages that are displayed by the browser with your own text, but this can only be done via Java Script.

Some, but not all, browsers will recognise and enforce this: The advantage of the HTML5 form validation is that it happens before our Java Script is called, displays instructions and points the user to the relevant element.

Here you can see screen captures from Firefox and Chrome: Text alert messages are generated entirely by the browser and will even translate automatically into different languages - something that would be almost impossible using just Java Script.

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