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This script can only be used with ONIX files conforming to Release 3.0.The Large file splitter allows single large ONIX files – which may contain thousands or tens of thousands of Product records – to be broken down into multiple smaller files.

As part of the planned 'sunset' of ONIX 2.1 at the end of 2014, this online option has now been removed.

This means validations are much faster and potentially more reliable.

EDIt EUR strongly recommends validation of ONIX messages using the XSD or RNG schemas (the DTD can be used for validation, but XSD and RNG are preferred.

Three schema definition options are available for ONIX 3.0.

The recommended options are the ISO standard Relax NG (RNG) schema language or the W3C (XSD) schema language, which allow the most effective validity checking. All three options support both reference names and short tags for ONIX data elements. All three packages include the latest issue of the codelists, but with a DTD these can be used only to control attribute values, not coded data elements.

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