Was nikki reed dating rob pattinson

IT and BPO outsourcing is also leading to Americanization of Indian youth and Indian youth are spending their high salaries on American products. Returns will come in form of MNCs and businesses and finally benefit American economy.

In no time you will see American fast food chains, groceries, and many American MNCs cashing on a Americanized Indian crowd and neutralize ( and will eventually exceed the investments they make). Most of you will not understand what I say because you are here in US for a long time and being first generation immigrants (on a limbo) keep up with your tradition. Just go back to India and look into the ITand BPO companies and lifestyles of people there. The real problem has been the l1 visa.ignorant americans do not know the difference and they think everything is h1b but it is the L1 which has caused wages to drop.... Hi While waiting for GC ( which may take several more yrs !!!

as per the law u can switch employers after 180 days from recipt of ur 485 application...unless the CBP wants to give u a hard time..should not jerk u around on that....

Take a print out of the AC21 yates memo (I think) with u.

I have all the experience needed for starting and running a company. We have so many experienced folks who would love to start and run a company but lack the experience/knowledge of running one. Two of my friends relocated to India since the beginning of this year after spending 8-9 years and they had green cards too from 2004. Hi Shana If I understand your question correctly, then if you are using H1 then you need to be on payroll all the time. Remember, 245i cases were the NOT the same as the mexican illegal aliens that are being spoken of in relation to CIR ..

(1) which is better to go for term life or whole life Term Life is better , agents will push for whole life as the commission are more You have to come to the term , till when you need life coverage, like your son graduating after 7 years or after 12 years you may not have financial liability towards kids etc (2) I started contacting agents (mainly desi) and they recommend Whole life ( if you can afford premium). and all these contacts are nothing but an occasional international long distance call in future.. flight back home to your country is not going to be as smooth as the flight to US was seven years back..

Well thanks for the green as wel, for those , who really are willing to stand up for there rights. (I'm referring to the language in your post) Well...

We are in this mess, because the majority of the stake holders are just scared to even stand up for themselves. I would love to get involved with bunch of like minded people..... I agree with you and please accept my apologies !!!

Another equally good portal belongs to Nature journal: talks about retaining best talents back in US but there is no support heard from academic communites on this.

So instead of answering chronic doubters, IV should try to reach out to these organizations.

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I appreciate all the cowards, who gave me red, just because I'm talking about basic rights for all, including them and they are hell bent on finding the legal ways how not to raise your voice.

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