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Here, he was exposed to new types of music, like hip hop and R&B, that gave him fresh inspiration for his future endeavors.Levine didn’t spent much time at Five Towns College before dropping out and returning to Los Angeles.After the “This Love” music video was released, fans couldn’t stop commenting on the ultra-steamy video after it first appeared on MTV’s The video featured Levine and his girlfriend at the time, Kelly Mc Kee, in a few very intimate scenes, which caused quite a bit of controversy at the time.Even so, the stir proved to be a good thing for the band, as it launched them further into fame.

At just 18 years old, Levine was already playing gigs with Kara’s Flowers in West Hollywood night clubs.“Harder to Breathe” then became a hit, followed by “This Love,” which still stands as one of Maroon 5’s most notable songs today.Finally, the album hit platinum and reached the Billboard Top 10 in 2004, two years after the album was first released.And to answer one of the great mysteries of dating - how to judge a man's intentions - Adam Levine says women can trust their friends."They can provide you with an unbiased opinion of a guy, and if an overwhelming majority of your friends don't like him, chances are he's a moron and you shouldn't date him," he says. Pay attention to a man's relationship with his mother.

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