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She always has maintained a decent and admirable image in her entire career without attracting any rumors and controversy. Currently, Alisyn is active on Facebook and Instagram with more than 53.2k followers on Facebook and 35.2k followers on Instagram.

Instead of attracting unwanted attention, she has worked day and night to achieve her dream and make every believe that she has no interest in becoming a controversial figure.

She opened her eyes for the very first time on June 21, 1966, in Bellingham, Washington, USA.

Her nationality is American and ethnicity is mixed(Italian and American).

When her then boyfriend came to see her, she said that she was left feeling depressed and that’s the time when she discovered her homosexuality.

In 2001, Gilbert began a relationship with television producer Allison Adler.

Their relationship started in 2010 and the couple had children through artificial insemination. The personal life of Sara Gilbert has had many ups and downs.She grew up with her only brother who is currently an abdominal surgeon.However, not much is there regarding her earlier days and childhood.Sara was paid a salary of five thousand dollars per episode for her work on “Roseanne” and in the show’s two final seasons, she earned five hundred thousand dollars.Sara has reclaimed her fame with the daytime show “The Talk” where she has purportedly has a salary of a million dollars per season.

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They have two children—a son, Levi Hank, born to Adler in October 2004, and a daughter, Sawyer Jane, born to Gilbert in August 2007.

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