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” And Jackie Beat wrote: “I am praying to the ghost of Bea Arthur that this is TRUE!

, the 65-year-old packs for a road trip with her new trans girlfriends.

I just talked to her about her career trajectory and her fabulous roots. I first knew you as the cigarette girl at [the long running ‘90s NYC club] the Roxy. It was the first real club gig where I did drag, then I did Boy Bar and Crowbar, and then the guys from Crowbar opened Barracuda and gave me my own night. I honestly think they would have been, but when I was a kid, there was no word for that. Jimmy was startled (yet bemused) to learn that an image of Marilyn Monroe on a relatively new African stamp is actually himself in drag and glasses, from an old L. They're all artist’s renditions of Marilyn on the stamp, so the artist (perhaps accidentally) paired me next to the Marilyn!

When did you realize you were a woman and start transitioning? There was so much going on, so many clubs to go to, and I knew I always had Barracuda. I transitioned when I was working at Barracuda and I told everybody, and they [and the Palladium] would have benefits for surgeries which I couldn’t afford on a showgirl’s salary.

On October 18, she—along with drag performers Sherry Vine and Jackie Beat — will head back to the once-reigning gay nabe Chelsea and perform at Barracuda Lounge’s 20th anniversary bash. I got to transition and go onstage every week, and through my comedy and dance and my talk, it opened up a lot of people’s minds about that side of our community. It’s just finding the right person — the real relationship with legs and growth and longevity.

In 2007, she became the first transgender person to star in a primetime drama.

On , she played Carmelita Rainer, a trans woman having an affair with married NY Attorney General Patrick Darling (William Baldwin).

Candis is extremely prevalent on the show, and always well spoken to the point where this nouveau Laverne and Shirley have become TV’s most watchable duo. My act was more like dancing and laughing and having fun telling stories about what was going on in my life. Did those Barracuda years bond you with people that helped you evolve?

First, let me remind you that Candis is the leggy, talented trans performer who’s been Caitlyn Jenner’s friend and tour guide on the surprisingly good , and now she’s highly visible all over again, as she advises Caitlyn on her personal progress and her ensembles, and even urges her to get out into the world and date a little. Probably around the same time I started working at Barracuda. Your act wasn’t mean and bitchy, as I recall; it was more playful and about show-womanship.

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