Who is david duchovny dating

I’m 45 and have been trying to date, off and on, for a few years.

I’m happily attached now but it was frustrating looking through the dating sites and seeing men my age and older who were looking for women starting at 18-20.

At 58, the divorced father-of-two is 33 years older than the UC Irvine alum, who celebrated her 25th birthday on June 14.

The former soccer player – showcasing her fit 5ft3in form in a navy-patterned bikini – reportedly met the Twin Peaks guest star while she was still employed at Sun Life Organics Juicery.

I guess this answers the question in the song I always think of when I cover this guy, David Duchovny Why Don’t You Love Me?

It wasn’t a case of them not filling out the age section because they definitely had an upper limit that ended a few years younger than they were. Regardless that’s preface to this story that David Duchovny, 58, has a 25 year-old girlfriend.

I guess I should be grateful that these men are making it clear that they’re not looking for equal partners. At least his kids aren’t older than her, but he does have a 19 year-old daughter and 16 year-old son.

Does he ever look at his girlfriend and think that she could be his daughter? Apparently they’ve been dating 14 months, meaning she was 24 when they met.

The Daily Mail had this report along with photos of them together, which you can see on their site.

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