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But as a gambler, Ivey couldn't get motivated by engaging in 0 Nassaus.But once the golf-gambling poker pros realized that Ivey was willing to drive and putt for the same stakes he risked at the Bellagio, they were on him.Negreanu and Lindgren each book ,000 total-score bets with Sheikhan (Negreanu needs to break 99, Lindgren needs to break 84), a few Nassaus are thrown into the mix, and they head off to the first tee.Continually angling to get today's action higher, no doubt convinced that he can stomach mega-stakes better than some of his competitors can, Negreanu grumbles, "We're playing so cheap it's embarrassing." That said, a few holes in, with his potential profits for the day already passing ,000 and the round shaping up to be one of the best of his life, he doesn't exactly appear to be blushing.The match is being held at Canyon Gate, a private country club, and is being taped by the online site Raw After a 45-minute warm-up on the driving range, punctuated by loads of negotiating, needling and squabbling, a complex skein of bets is stitched up: all told, there will be ,000 wagered on every hole.

So having a 0,000 win or loss at golf just isn't so big.

Baldwin recently landed a 45-foot putt and collected 0,000 on spontaneous side bets.

Lindgren casually dropped ,000 after goofily wagering that he wouldn't toss a golf club for the remainder of a round.

Deep-pocketed sharks were going to bed early and rising in time to tee off before it got too hot.

"It was kind of creepy," remembers Negreanu, standing in the living room of his Las Vegas home, as he obsessively takes practice swings with a clicking and ratcheting contraption that is designed to perfect his drive. Everyone who played in the Big Game seemed to be out on the golf course." Indeed, among top poker players, golf has become a Hold'em doppelgänger.

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He knows how hard it is to get that good; he'd need to give up his poker career.

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