Who is evgeny plushenko dating

Plushenko left figure skating once before, after winning in Turin in 2006.

Unerring hindsight now makes it clear the better choice would have been Maxim Kovtun, the rapidly rising 18-year-old who won Russia's national championship this year in Plushenko's absence.

Throughout a dazzling career that's seen him win four Olympic medals, adoring crowds have often begged Evgeni Plushenko for encores.

But the sad and controversial fact is that Russia's greatest-ever male figure skater hung around for one too many curtain calls in Sochi.

The Yevgeni Plushenko website suggests: “This Olympic silver is a real victory for the champion who's done the impossible – he is back proving he IS the best!

” And then it goes on to say that a poll on shows irrefutably that figure skating fans are outraged by Lysacek’s gold.

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