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And this is the lady, the woman I’ve been with through all the good and all the bad,” he added.Check out part of James’ sit-down with Winfrey in the video below.Check out some of the posts and memes that have been circulating on Twitter below.Brinson and James grew up in Ohio and first met while they were both in high school.Thank you @laidthathair @thebrushmaven for making me feel amazing all weekend! Xoxo A post shared by @ mrs_savannahrj on Last year was one of the biggest years for Brinson.Not only did she turn 30, which is a fairly big milestone, but she also had a few other big reasons to celebrate.

She has traveled all over the country with him (from Miami back to Ohio) and has been by his side through all of the ups and downs of his career and of their lives. The balance that I create in our house is for his success. 1 fan is actually someone who knew him before his days as one of basketball's biggest stars—his wife, Savannah Brinson.Brinson started dating James when she was just 16 years old.“I had been thinking about it, you know, for a while.But it just came to me one day I was like, this is a part of growth for me.

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