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Before you give up, think about how he or she might simply be different from you. Your partner may need time to process bad feelings before telling them to you.Good emotions might come out in physical ways: he cleans your car; she irons all your shirts.Try telling them gently that you need some quiet time or set specific times (like dinner or before bed) when you'll chat together.If your partner's talk never interests you, though, it might be time to consider if you're really a good match.

And the funnest part is trying to find out what those topics are before you accidentally hit that land-mine and he goes into the bathroom and doesn't come back out again. Praying he'll make noise during sex like you're wishing for rain during a drought.I am high-fiving you once I stop being on top of your body sexually." 7.Convincing your parents he does in fact have a personality even though he's never said anything more than "Thanks" to them.If he buys himself nice things, but takes you to Burger King on your anniversary, it's probably a sign that he doesn't value you. Some couples fight because one partner spends more than the other. If two people don't see eye to eye on appropriate spending, the relationship is in for a rocky road. Also keep in mind that many supposed "commitment-phobes" marry the very next person they date.It's no fun being on either side of an uneven love affair. You're sure that he'll pop the question any day now or that she'll give you a hint that she's ready for a ring. Maybe your partner has even told you, "I'm just not ready to commit." What's going on? It's entirely possible that your partner is just not ready to commit to you.

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